There is always one solution to fit your business need!

Adsoftec ADVANCE is a solution to support your application evolution with automation, speed and flexibility.

ADS combines components and functionality required to move your legacy applications to a new paradigm, new languages and standards!

Data Migration

Be able to share data with new applications and modern tools.

Migrate your data and start integrating with business intelligence and other solutions.
Get a clear and structured view of your information accessible graphically.
Distribute the data among data spaces for better performance.
Become safe with D.R. Disaster & Recover plans and redundant paths, with no SPOF (single point of failure).

Adsoftec DMS – Data Migration System, a component of the solution automatically handles the legacy ADABAS data and migrates it to the RDBMS of your choice.
You can keep the data on premises or in the cloud depending on your needs. In addition, clustered execution is possible with replications and distribution.
By means of automated procedures the data is extracted using utilities transformed according to the desired model and loaded into target database.

Creation of tablespaces, indexes, are performed as part of the process and the result is the information about old and new structures in a dictionary.

The solution converts ADABAS to relational database model using its own methodology. It takes care of the whole conversion process: generate DDLs (Data Definition Language) scripts to define structures on database, extract data from legacy database and converts to SQL format, and finally generates scripts to load data using database utilities.

In the process of migrating legacy Natural applications with access to the ADABAS database, the application data files are converted to tables in the relational database schema.

The most important common feature in legacy files is the presence of multi-valued fields (multiple fields – MU, and periodic groups – PE), which in the standard conversion model are transformed into specific tables related to the main table.

The general rule is that each physical file in the source database will be converted to a relational database table. Some exceptions can applied to this general rule to allow support for characteristics and behaviors of the ADABAS database compared to relational databases.

The major SQL database vendors are supported now (IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL), and any other can be customized to be loaded.

Legacy Application

Decide where to go from where you are.

Choose the language that best fits your requirements and be able to multiply your development power. Integrate your code to new applications natively. Use options that gives best performance, or faster development ones.

ADVANCE Translation System can be used to translate between programming languages in a very automated way: Natural to Java, C, COBOL, or COBOL to Natural or Java, are some options that can help you to get a uniform platform where all the code is homogeneous.

Move it!

Expose the generated SQL as desired in the sources so you can enhance the already optimized database accesses generated by the conversion tool.

Data Access


Adsoftec ADVANCE allows the development and execution of application systems that access and update data stored in a database manager in the relational model. The Advance language supports SQL data definition (DDL) sentences, such as CREATE, DROP, GRANT, and data manipulation (DML) sentences, such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, COMMIT and ROLLBACK. The native NATURAL access statements FIND, READ, HISTOGRAM and GET is also supported and dynamically converted to SQL statements. ADVANCE has native access driver implementations for the main suppliers of relational database, such as IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, with specific optimization clauses for each one of them, and it can also be configured to the ANSI standard SQL mode that allows general access to any relational database without specific clauses.

Execution Environment

Execute your original application anywhere with the Web interface or not.

Distribute your workload into servers as needed without fixed capacity restrictions in several platforms.

Adsoftec ADVANCE has a modern, robust, fast and flexible runtime environment that allow the execution of system application in the most important platforms, from mainframe, under z/OS, to low platforms with Unix, Linux or Windows.

On mainframe platform Adsoftec ADVANCE runtime executes natively on z/OS as an address space, this allows it to interface with CICS objects. Runtime allows calls from Natural to CICS (COBOL , Assembler, etc.) and also calls from CICS objects to Natural.
On low platforms ADVANCE Virtual Machine is supported in 64 bits architecture on Linux and Windows.

Your application anywhere

Adsoftec ADVANCE Virtual Machine is an interpreter of the programs written in Natural that can be invoked in z/OS, Linux, UNIX, and Windows, all pointing to the same bytecode.

Application servers execute on machines, clusters, cloud, etc.

The applications source code executes unchanged even considering the verbs originally used to access ADABAS.

The applications, coded in Natural or Cobol, can be converted to ADVANCE Virtual Machine binary code, Cobol or to Java language code. Using the converter tools to transform applications in Java code allow systems to run under Java Virtual Machine.

The java code generated by ADVANCE is pure Java, that means there is no need to use external packages or libraries or frameworks from third part suppliers. After system conversion it is easy to adapt and connect with other technologies.

The UI (User Interface) is implemented natively in web (HTML/CSS), supporting any platform, but also supports 3270 terminal protocol on mainframes. It is also possible to integrate or develop the user interface of your choice using modern tools and new technologies, like JavaFx, and many other user interface frameworks.

Keep your existing integrated applications and start developing new ones.

Continue accessing the application from outside tools. Use standards as HTTPS and WS-I, SOAP, REST.

ADVANCE Integration mechanism together with ADS Broker provides compatibility with SoftwareAG Entire Broker and Natural RPC, allowing existing legacy interfaces and clients to run unchanged.

Integration technologies

There is an enhanced handling of the integration via HTTP and HTTPS to allow easy development of REST API.

ADVANCE Subprograms can easily wrapped and published as web services using Apache AXIS2.

Development tools

Continue maintaining your application with modern tools.

Whatever is the language of your preference, you can edit it in your favorite editor and interface with source versioning control systems.

ADS Web IDE is a complete set of tools and functions to develop and evolve applications integrated with ADS technology environment.

The original distribution and security rules are enforced in a fully distributed platform and based on graphical interfaces and accessible via Web.

The ADS WebIDE is a Web-based set of editors that deal with several aspects of product development. It includes not only the program editor but also contains other editors for specific components of legacy applications such as programs, data areas, DDMs, and Maps.

It comprises the entire functionality of developing, testing, and running programs during the development phase. It also serves as the front-end to the compiler and other tools involved in the creation of the binary files for the runtime. The IDE serves as the interface for most of the services of transformation such as inventory, listings, debugging, binary deployment and mass operations.

Keep your legacy application under control with ADS Web IDE. It allows small or large development teams working together in a Web-based environment, integrated with source control systems like Git or Svn. So, you can implement any application life cycle you need, from Dev to Ops…

Connect them to your world …

Safely transition to new models like Low-code / No-code, automation by robot procedures.

Feel free to evolve your development team, as you can have professionals in the market.

You already participate on the real world of software development, with tools and methodologies that are followed by millions of users, why not trying to go further with the use of no-code / low-code tools to access your data and work in a cooperated environment with your legacy applications?

Transform your ideas

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Integrate with your legacy corporate systems, thru directly accessing your data or using web services, in a comfortable and secure way.

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