Modernize and Transform your legacy applications.

Free yourself from old paradigm and forward to the future.

Get rid of obscure and non-standard representation of data.

Adsoftec ADVANCE make your data moved to RDBMS with automation and safety.

Start benefiting from the freedom of having your data accessible by all corporate applications.

Access and host your applications anywhere

ADVANCE automatically allows Web-access, integration and scalable Server architecture.
Use processing power as needed using cloud and allow operation from mobiles and browsers without local software.

Transform your application to work together with new technology.

Adsoftec ADVANCE converts your code to the desired development platform.
Innovate your development to take advantage of the speed and ease of new application production models.

Free your data from imprisonment!

ADABAS ETL into Relational DB

Complete set of tools and solutions for data extraction, transformation and load into standard or customized relational database model.

Historical saved data conversion

The same rules defined for ETL can be applied to any copy of historical data from backup copies.

ETL into any new data model!

Load data into BI model, Cloud Database, NoSQL or Streaming Database

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One solution, many possibilities.

Thinking out of the Box...
Thinking out of the Box...
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With Adsoftec ADVANCE technology you can:

  • Convert legacy applicationd written in Natural to ADS VM or ADS Java
  • Convert Cobol accessing ADABAS to Cobol SQL access
  • Convert Cobol source to ADS Java
  • Convert z/OS JCL to low platform scripts
  • Get solutions for other languages conversion or replacement
  • Right sizing with our platform migration technology

Innovative solution for established application systems.

The solution delivers the complete technology migration process.

Fast conversion projects at low risk.

We guarantee lower maintenance costs!

The major SQL database vendors are supported.

Available for System Platforms:

  • IBM z/OS at mainframes;
  • Linux 64, major distributions;
  • Windows 64;

No need to modify application code.

Modern User Interface implementation on Web

3270 Terminal protocol available for all platforms.